Mistress Veronica trains your cock and ass with strap-on


Mistress Veronica knows your dark pervy secret and is here to fulfill your fantasy. You want to be my little strap-on b1tch! Oh yes. Now I will keep you chained up in my basement spread eagle with your legs above your head,  ready to use for my amusement whenever I desire. I bet that makes your cock hard doesn’t it? I know it does. Listen as I tell you all the horrid ways I’m going to abu.se you and t0rt0re you. I am going to train your ass in this clip. Start by stroking you cock. Follow my instructions. Now let me teach you how to train that prostate of yours. I want you good and horny for me. Ready to explode at my command. You can’t come until the cum count down.. Ready, set, buy this clip!

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Strap-on for sub

This sub is gonna sleep good tonight #strapon #femdom

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Self care

After a spending the day drinking coffee with a lovely lady, it’s time to wind down. #bathtime #batg #relaxation #selfcare

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Lazy Sunday

Today is a #lazysunday I’ll just nap while people play #zelda #mrmeeseeks #rickandmorty

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Art show

Out and about! While I’m away , go buy my porn!

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Prosperity boardgame

Playing #prosperity #boardgames #boardgamegeek #gamergirl #nerdygirl

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Georgia Weather

Dammit Georgia! First its cold as reindeer nuts this morning now its hot as fuck. Make up your mind!

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Vomiting on Cocks

Get the video here!

Koshka LOVES cock. Even fake ones. Anything to fill her whore mouth and make her gag. She gags so much so vomits multiple times and is into it. Look at how she rubs the vomit all over her full tits as it coats her entire front and even the floor! Not only is her mouth filthy from puke but she loves to dirty talk. She asks for bigger cocks as the video goes on to make herself vomit more and more! Koshka is a major slut who knows what she loves and is not ashamed!

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New Zelda Video Game

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Pissing Slave Video!

Get the video here!

Koshka has a massive piss fetish and is here to show off for you. She fondles her amazing breasts and damp pussy in her tight attire eagerly awaiting what’s coming while chugging water. Miss Veronica has exactly what Koshka needs. Veronica straddles her in tight grey leggings and starts to wet herself over Koshka before having her pants removed and squirts piss through her panties, completely soaking Koshka. Koshka is in Heaven but craves more. She reaches up and removes Veronica’s panties to get better access to her pussy and piss. Veronica let’s out another load of pee and squirts it out like a pro! Koshka STILL craves more and wets HERSELF as well! Such a greedy piss whore. Next we bring in a cock to coat her in his piss as well, completely coating her hair, tits, shorts, and even on the wall. Koshka is such a happy pee slut that she rolls around in the pool of piss, drinking more. Finally she grabs a dildo, rolls it in piss and sucks it dry…again again and again.

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