Gross Gassy Torture HD


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Dressed in Skin tight plastic pants, I punish this little slave girl like the whore that she is. I shove a red ball gag in her mouth and a nose hook into her nostrils, craning her nose back so all my rank gas goes straight up her sniffer! She is trying to scream through her gag but no one will hear her scream. She is my prisoner here to fart on all I please. Then she does the unthinkable! She FARTS! I’m pissed! I show her what farts are really made of! I fart and fart and FART! I fart so hard I even rip my pants!

Eggs For Breakfast HD



Dressed in a skin tight rubber skirt and you on your knees, I fart in your face. Can you guess what I had for breakfast? EGGS! And I’m going to have some more right now with some coffee! I tease you with my ass and by slowly sucking on a boiled egg in front of you like I would be sucking on your balls. Once I get you turned on, I fart some more! I don’t care if you like it or not! I know how bad it smells but you have no choice but to take it! Also included is behind the scenes video of me editing videos and farting more. All Real Farts!

G/G Fart Hazing HD


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I’m the head cheerleader and this nerdy girl is always in my way! I’ve had it! I push her around and she has no respect! I will teach her respect! I Fart on her face making her scream and gag. I even fart on the book that she loved so much. I pull her ponytail making is she there is no way she can escape. I push her to the ground and fart all over her and her book. I even fart in her book and make her smell it! After a while of my fart hazing, she begins to get turned on! She begs for my eggy farts getting wetter by the second and I’m happy to oblige!

My Gassy Day


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was invited to dinner with a friend and had a few bowls of bean soup. I asked to leave a bit early because of the big amount of gas that needs to come out (but of course I told them I had a project due)!As soon as I close my front door, a never-ending fart escapes. I walk away, farting with every step, saying ‘oops’ and giggle a bit. I go upstairs but with each step I take climbing the stairs, a loud fart escapes my asshole. Wearing only a t-shirt and some panties I am doing dishes and do some cleaning. I fart without shame in all kind of positions, lifting a leg, bending over etc. I really get into it! I even fart in my housemates food! I have to throw some garbage away outside (still only in my t-shirt and panties) and in the drive way you have to fart again. I’m shocked and horrified! I let it out with one hand on your butt, like that’s gonna cover the sound! It’s so loud and long, I rush back inside while farting with each step holding a hand on my butt blushing like crazy! I take a shower now but still have lots of gas and without shame I let more and more farts out, filling up the room with them, blowing you away! Out of the shower, I’m in front of a mirror, practicing the pull-my-finger trick a few times. One time when a little fart escapes I say ‘pull harder’ and blow up the room. I’m so horny now and start fingering myself, still farting up a storm. My orgasm is EPIC AND HUGE, an uncontrollable gassy one! I have not only one orgasm but TWO GASSY ORGASMS!

2Girl Fart War HD


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My girlfriend comes over and we start having an argument about who can fart better. Lets find out! We discover something very interesting..If you spank her, it makes her fart more. I beat her butt producing some NASTY Farts! We compete over who has the smellest, the loudest, the longest, and the most frequent farts. Who do you think wins? ;) Note: Both Ladies Faces ARE shown in the video.

100+ Corn Farts HD


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All Real Farts! Corn gives me some seriously smelly gas and LOTS of it. In my TOO SMALL Bikini bottoms I let out OVER 100 eyewatering farts! Sometimes I even show you my smelly butthole upclose while I fart. No long pauses. 100% Real Food Induced Farting!

Best Of Fart Slavery HD- Special Price! 35 MINUTES FOR $25


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This is a compilation of my BEST Fart Slavery Moments! The best farts of 8 of my best selling videos all in ONE! 35 Minutes for $25! Double Girl Farting, Farting on Cock, Lesbian Farts, Forced Male Slavery Farts, Dutch Oven Farts, Ect! This video has it all! A MUST HAVE FOR ANY FART ENTHUSIAST!

Forced Fart Torture HD


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This slave wants to worship my ass and cum, It comes with a high price! My smelly rancid farts! I sit on his face with his nose in my ass and let em rip! If that’s not bad enough, I alternate between fart face sitting and dutch oven t0rture! This clip is intense! The slave screams and moans about how bad my farts reek but he has no choice but take them if he wants to cum!

Black Cotton Panty Farts HD

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Voyeurism Clip.I have a belly full of gas and am not afraid to let it out. Ass in your face, Farting into the bed sheets, on my side. I even pull my panties down to mid thigh and start farting. I spread my cheeks and show my asshole as I fart. Upclose and full body shots.

Perverted Toilet Time HD

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I shove my toned black cotton panty clad ass in your face and let some farts rip. Then I fart on the toilet lid. Now I have to take some dumps! You can hear A LOT of Plops as my turds crash against the toilet water. I know how much of a pervert you are. I can see how excited you get watching a hot lady take big LOUD dumps on the toilet. Hmm let’s see what we can do about that. There are SO MANY DUMPS in this clip.Can you count them all? When I finally get done, I wipe and show you my just used asshole.



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