ATM Enslavement


The perfect humiliation brainwashing clip for human ATMs. Get on your knees to watch this clip or suffer the consequences.¬†You are going to be trained to be my perfect paypig. Follow my instructions to the letter. Put out your wallet, enter those digits. Watching you on your knees, spending your hard earned money is the only way you will ever make me wet. Are you getting aroused by this? Let me see. Pull it out. IS THAT IT?! OMG HAHAHAHA! That’s what you call a cock. I don’t think so. From now on, I will call you my virgin boy. There is no way any girl has ever slept with you. You know the only way to excite a queen like me is my opening your wallet and spending! If you are a good boy and follow my orders, you will get the cum countdown of your life.

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