What is fart fetish all about?

“What is the fart fetish all about anyway?” I get this question a lot from people new to this industry. Fart fetish is more than just watching a pretty girl fart. Sure having a nice ass doesn’t hurt. It helps a lot actually. However it goes deeper than that. It’s about the humiliation, the control, the power. Farting is taking you power back. So many people think of farting as gross. They aren’t exactly wrong. It smells…a ton. Mine especially tend to smell like rotten eggy farts. Now imagine seeing a woman proud of her farts vs being ashamed of them. You may have heard the phrase “Confidence is sexy”. It’s true. Having the confidence to be so raw, so real, so in your face about what you are and what your body does is hot as fuck.

Now let’s transition to the male/slave side. Remember farting is supposed to be shameful. It’s supposed to be something only do when they are alone and are embarrassed about. Now imagine being forced to smell something that most people are humiliated that they even do. That’s a pretty intense mind fuck. Being told “Your only use is smelling my farts” would be a major kick in the balls to a lot of guys. There is a small niche amount of people who get off on that sort of thing. Those are my people.

I’m unashamed of my body. I love my curves, my filthy vocabulary, and every single thing my body produces. That includes everything that comes from my asshole. If you have a problem with that, that’s your issue, not mine. If you get off on it, then that’s probably why you’ve come to my blog. You’ve most likely been a fan of mine for a while and just can’t get enough of my huge stinky gas. It’s a good thing too because I’m almost always gassy.

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